Kaushal M
Kaushal M
September 22, 2023.
My wife and I had a wonderful honeymoon in Bhutan, which was superbly organized by Breathe Bhutan. We thoroughly enjoyed all the moments we spent in Bhutan. Our experience with Breathe Bhutan was exceptional. Starting from my initial email exchanges with Jigme for planning our trip, to the time we were dropped off at the Paro Airport. Pelden, our guide for the trip, was wonderful. He always ensured we were comfortable and satisfied. Kinzang, our driver, took us around Thimphu, Paro and Punakha safe and comfortable. An unexpected situation forced us to cut short our trip. A strenous situation was made easier to handle by the support given by the Breathe Bhutan team. Thank you so much. Bhutan was a wonderful and magical place to start our marital journey. We got to explore and experience a small part of Bhutan in the time we had. Our experience has left us wanting more, and we want to come back to Bhutan many more times.
Kelvin Cortis
Kelvin Cortis
September 19, 2023.
I've been planning our family vacation to Bhutan as from 2019, however we had to cancel our trip and postpone it to 2023, given the pandemic. Jigme and Kinley from Breathe Bhutan were helpful throughout - and thanks to them we planned our personalised itinerary to the most minute of details. Both the trip to Bhutan and Breathe Bhutan exceeded our expectations in every possible way. On day 1 we were invited to Kinley's house to a traditional Bhutanese dinner, where we met his family and friends. Nima, our guide, was amazing and he even took us on a hike they was not in our itinerary! Last bit not least our driver, Sonam, was one of a kind! Traveling to Bhutan is an experience that I'll treasure for the rest of my life...however what made it more unique are the uniquely amazing people of Breathe Bhutan and the Bhutanese themselves! Highly recommended!
Neha Thirani
Neha Thirani
September 1, 2023.
I recently went on a 5-day trip to Bhutan with Breathe Bhutan and it was an unforgettable experience. The team at Breathe Bhutan were super patient with all my queries and prepared almost 3 different itineraries to finally decide on 1, and honestly, it was the best itinerary. They even took care of my Mum's birthday and gave us the best surprises. It was truly the most special birthday for Mum and we couldn’t have asked for anything better for her 50th. Our tour guide Dorjee Wangchuk was the most patient person, went on hikes with me and became the man behind all my solo photos. We got a chance to bond and share stories about each other's culture during our stay at a homestay and will forever cherish that stay. I definitely want to plan another trip to Bhutan and it will be only and only with Breathe Bhutan and Dorjee. I cannot imagine travelling to Bhutan without this team now. All because of the experience they gave, I think Bhutan has topped the list of my favourite countries. The most peaceful country with the happiest & kindest people. I highly recommend Breathe Bhutan for anyone planning a trip to this beautiful country. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and care for their clients is unmatched. Thank you, Breathe Bhutan, for making my trip with family so special! ✨
Lander Domínguez
Lander Domínguez
July 9, 2023.
What an outstanding experience. Breathe Bhutan organised our trip from start to finish and ensured that everything was seamless during our trip. From the moment we landed in Paro, we were welcomed with open arms by Nima & Phuentsho. Every day was truly spectacular — we had unique local experiences (including meals in Bhutanese homes, planting rice plants in the paddy fields & attending professional archery competitions!). The hospitality of the Bhutanese people is second to none, and we will always remember our time here because of the people we met along the way. If you are interested in coming to Bhutan look no further than Breathe Bhutan — they are a great team! Special thanks to Nima & Phuentsho who spent morning, noon, and night with us & who made our trip truly amazing. Also shoutout to Kinley, the owner of the company, for his hospitality and for making this trip happen.
Gelo Santos
Gelo Santos
June 9, 2023.
I traveled to Bhutan from June 04-08, 2023 and Breathe Bhutan made everything possible for me. From the time I sent them email to inquire about if they can customize and curate my itinerary and provide me reasonable cost, until the moment their team safely took me back to the airport on my last day of the trip, I can happily and honestly say that I did the BEST decision of choosing Breathe Bhutan over the other Bhutan-based accredited tour operators. Very customer-friendly, accomodating to all my requests, provided decent, clean & spacious hotels in 3 cities that I’ve been to - Thimphu, Punakha and Paro and offerred Bhutanese experience in terms of food, culture, religion, lifestyle. They have the safest and friendliest driver and most informative and concerned tour guide, and all staff are efficient, professional and quick in reverting to my emails and updating me on status of my visa and receipt of payment. I don’t usually travel with a tour operator however, as it’s a requirement of Bhutan for all visiting foreign tourists, I would easily say that if time and chance permit me to revisit the Kingdom of Bhutan in the near future, I will surely be back hopefully with my son (as I want him to experience the same things I did), and definitely with the same team of Breathe Bhutan. Disclosure : The comment above was never influenced by anyone & was given freely by the author, sans travel sponsorship, hence it’s just, truthful and fair.
Anna Sparks
Anna Sparks
May 24, 2023.
Our visit to Bhutan with Breathe Bhutan was absolutely amazing! Everything about our trip was arranged wonderfully, and you can really see the pride and care the Breathe Bhutan team puts in to making your experience unforgettable. Visiting Bhutan is by no means cheap, but you should visit now when the country is still relatively undiscovered by tourists. The money from the SDF also goes to good causes, so we were happy to pay it. Even if it were possible, I can’t imagine visiting Bhutan without a guide and driver as you’d miss out on so much of the culture and history knowledge that make Bhutan so special. The itinerary that was arranged was a good balance of seeing a lot and covering lots of ground while in Bhutan, without being too overwhelming. Our guide, Pelden, was incredible and you could tell how much he cared about our experience and making sure we were completely satisfied and loving the trip. The friend I was traveling with has Celiac’s Disease and Pelden was great about ensuring everywhere we went was prepared ahead of time to accommodate her allergy. I had been a little worried about the food before we arrived, but the places they took us all had amazing food and LOTS of it. Our driver, Kinzang, was great and did an amazing job making us feel safe even despite the “interesting” roads all throughout Bhutan. We are two 25 year old women and felt completely safe in Bhutan during the entire trip. It is an amazing country to go to and I’d encourage everyone to go sooner than later. If you’re fortunate enough to go, you MUST book with Breathe Bhutan. They allow you to completely customize your experience, and are incredibly invested in making sure you have the best experience. PS: perhaps our favorite experience was our first night, getting to have dinner and drinks with the Breathe Bhutan team. That will be a memory we cherish for a very, very long time! All the best.
George Bruce
George Bruce
May 16, 2023.
A tour of Bhutan, 4 years in the making. A trip that was supposed to happen in 2020, didn’t happen until 2023. We arrived in Paro for a 10 day tour of Bhutan. We were picked up at the airport by Ugyen, our temporary guide, and Kinley, our temporary driver. The first day we went to the Paro Festival had lunch and visited the farmers market. We were supposed to fly to Bhumtang the next day, but after checking in for our flight, we later found out that the flight was cancelled. Not to worry, within an hour Kinley returned to drive us to Bhumtang so we wouldn’t miss out on what we had planned for the next day. Hats off to Jigme and Kinley Wangchuk, the owner of Breathe Bhutan, for making the arrangements to get us to Bhumtang. That night we were met at our hotel by Phuentsho, our new driver, and Sonam, our new guide. They would be with us for the rest of our tour. Our 10 days were well planned by Breathe Bhutan. From the food to the lodging, everything was first class. Sonam answered every question we had, and there were many. And we felt very safe with Phuentsho at the wheel. He is an excellent driver. Bhutan is a magical place and the people are friendly and kind. I took close to 1,000 pictures but I thought I would just post a few of the people I met during my stay. So many pictures of the Dzongs and Temples don’t really convey the amazing architecture. I was able to see and do everything I had planned on, including making it all the way to the top of the Tiger’s Nest. I can’t say enough good things about Breathe Bhutan. If you are thinking about visiting Bhutan, I highly recommend going with Breathe Bhutan.
Joshua Landau
Joshua Landau
May 2, 2023.
Comfortable pace, breathtaking views, rejuvenating life experience. Bhutan is a magical place, with some of the warmest and most genuine people we have ever encountered, including our guide (Phuntsho Wangdi) and driver (Kezan Wangshu).
Rita Leung
Rita Leung
April 16, 2023.
We had a great time in Bhutan, and Breathe Bhutan did a great job in organizing everything. This trip was planned before COVID and Kinley kept us informed, and in 2023 we finally made it to Bhutan. I like the personal touch Kinley and team did during our stay, guide Nima and driver Kinzang were great. Would highly recommend Breathe Bhutan if you are thinking of going to Bhutan.
Katherine LaRue
Katherine LaRue
March 29, 2023.
If you're thinking of going to Bhutan, you must, and you must do so with Breathe Bhutan. I recently returned from my trip, 8 days, 7 nights where I traveled extensively in the country and made incredible memories. Sonam was my guide and Karma was my driver. I couldn't have asked for a better dream team, or adventure buddies. They were so knowledgeable and kind. I felt welcomed as family by these two, as well as Kinley, who met up for dinner and checked in on me through the trip. I was so impressed, and as a solo, female traveler, felt so safe during my entire trip. The itinerary was tailored to exactly what I asked for: culture/people, outside activities and adventure. The Breathe Bhutan team scheduled a hike for me almost every day and set me up with the most organic and authentic experiences, like visiting a school and getting out of the more touristy areas to really sit down and spend time with locals, including monks! Each time I had a question, Sonam had an answer... and I had a lot of questions. The whole team was incredibly responsive as I prepared for my trip, making everything clear and easy. When I visit Bhutan in the future, I will go once again through Breathe Bhutan. You should too!

Bhutan: Happiness is a Place

Bhutan may not remain the same for long, so sometime soon is the best time to travel - Tim Nicolai

You cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan range, the kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only to few.

Why Breathe Bhutan?

Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan.

Be our guest, we will treat your holiday with passion and offer you our unwavering commitment to making your trip a memorable experience.

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Nick Chin, Singapore

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Our eight day visit to Bhutan was quite simply one of the most magical and intriguing experiences of my...

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Breathe Bhutan Adventures and Holidays (Bespoke Tours To Bhutan) is founded on the ideals of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, keeping in mind the expectations of travelers. We consider ourselves as a host in Bhutan and even open the doors to our homes to our guests. To make a visitor feel the pulse of Bhutan is our motto.

Regardless of their travel agent, every tourist that visit Bhutan usually see and do the same thing – depending on the duration of the tour and the season of visit. Breathe Bhutan not only cater to popular attractions and programs but we go out of our way to make sure that clients get a wholesome experience of Bhutan. Breathe Bhutan is constantly exploring new and out of the box activities and experiences.

We are a small family owned travel company and that’s how we intend to keep it, so as to give the best of personal attention to every guest of ours. Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan. We will treat your holiday with passion. You will be remembered, and we will make sure that you never forget us and your travel experience in Bhutan.

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