(Archery is the national game. Though people in the villages still use the bamboo bows, in the urban areas most people use the compound bow. For some reason the modern bow of choice in the kingdom is the hi-tech and the deadly hunting bow rather than updated versions of their old bamboo longbows which, with many bolt-on aids, are the Olympic standard. The hi-tech hunting bows, designed for taking down big game in the wilds like bear and moose are used in Buddhist Bhutan for harmless fun and competition – yet another illustration of the Bhutanese talent for taking ideas and practices from the west and giving them their own unique twist.)


Not all activities are mentioned here. Some are better as a surprise
There are very few things in life that are as satisfactory as a hot stone bath to help you unwind after a long day.

Hot Stone Bath

Not all travelers want to stay at hotels while traveling Bhutan. Some guests prefer to stay at smaller properties that offer personalized hospitality.

Family Lodge In Thimphu

Breathe Bhutan can arrange you to spend a night or two at a monastery in Bhutan and have the monks host you in their monastery.

Night At A Monastery

The class will be conducted by the renowned, talented and versatile Bhutanese artist- Rajesh Gurung. Rajesh is one of the founders VAST.

Basic Painting/Art Class

Mojo Park is a live music venue and is a very popular weekend hangout for locals and travelers. You will get to try out local brews and interact with...

Nightlife in Bhutan