There is and old saying in Bhutan that a horse cannot carry the weight of the merit that one earns from making someone happy. Happiness is what we want our guests to feel at all times while traveling Bhutan. Sometimes we joke amongst ourselves that if a guest does not get emotional, and break into tears while departing from Bhutan, we have failed to deliver our service.

Breathe Bhutan Adventures and Holidays provide Bespoke Tours To Bhutan. We are founded on the ideals of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, keeping in mind the expectations and needs of travelers. We consider ourselves as a host to inspired travelers and we even open the doors to our homes to our guests for a meal or a cup of butter tea. For those who likes to indulge a little deeper, provided the timing is right, we love to have our guests experience home ritual, wedding ceremonies and other private festivities and celebrations.

Regardless of their travel partner, every traveler that visit Bhutan see and do the same thing – depending on the duration of the tour and the season of visit. Breathe Bhutan not only cater to popular attractions and activities but we have many unique and out of the box experiences and we also go out of our way to create a memorable experience of Bhutan. We make sure that our guests get to feel the pulse of Bhutan, so that they take back home a wholesome experience of Bhutan. Breathe Bhutan is constantly exploring new and out of the box activities and experiences.

” We are a small company and that is how we intend to keep it, so as to give the best of our attention to every guest of ours. Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan” – Breathe Bhutan

Hiking to Phajoding Monastery with the Head Monk of The Monastery (February 2019)

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are treated like a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan.

Be our guest, we will treat your holiday with passion and offer you our unwavering commitment to making your trip a memorable experience.