Sheila Despi
Sheila Despi
January 24, 2023.
The mountains and the magic of Bhutan is best experienced with Breathe Bhutan. Our guide Tsheten and driver Kinley were both amazing and knowledgeable.They tirelessly assisted me and brother on our hike to Bumdrak and attended to all our needs. Kinley and Jigme were very helpful with our last minute booking changes and accommodation. The recommendations to change our hotel to the Gaselo Ecolodge was far the best accommodation, wish we could have stayed longer there. Overall, Breathe Bhutan delivered and exceeded our expectations. Kinley even contacted my brother's long lost classmate from 2002. After several travel agency hunting, I'm glad we booked through Breathe Bhutan. Will definitely book with them again since there's so much more to explore and they are the best in making your Bhutan experience unforgettable.
Joshua Carlon
Joshua Carlon
January 17, 2023.
Fantastic tour company. I took a four-day trip to Bhutan and Breathe Bhutan took care of everything. Great people, very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
December 11, 2022.
This is such an excellent company to see Bhutan. My wife and I had an excellent time in Bhutan and this company is faultless. The owner, Kinley, is a really great guy - we had a great time with him and his family on the first night, getting to know about Bhutanese culture and sharing stories. Kezang was excellent over email and organising the trip. The main issue we had was organising flights ourselves to Bhutan, whereas the company books it all for you and tailors your trip for your needs. Our guide, Nima, and driver, Kinley, were superb. Extremely nice, warm and lovely people. Very flexible to our needs, and very knowledgeable. Our overall experience of the company and country was so memorable and wonderful. Honestly, couldn't imagine a better company - not just for Bhutan but in any country we visited (we've visited 40 countries). We would have loved to have stayed longer (only 3 nights and 4 days), but it is very pricey due to the daily visa fee, however, you can see that money goes back into making the country the beautiful unique place it is, so more than happy to pay it, otherwise, we would have stay 7-10 days easily! If you can afford it, do it! It's one of the best countries we've ever been to and completely different to any we've been to before. Beautiful scenic views, amazing culture, great good, and lovely, genuine people. Absolutely incredible, reliable, legitimate, reputable company. Thank you, for giving my wife and I the best time :).
Kim Glidden
Kim Glidden
November 23, 2022.
There are no words to express what a special and magical place Bhutan is. And Breathe Bhutan is one of the reasons our trip was a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Kinley was our master of ceremonies. Pasa and Sonam, our guides, taught us so much about each place, the culture, Buddhism, and everyday life. Our drivers kept us safe and joined in the prayer flag and hiking activities. Each and every day was our favorite. I would highly recommend Bhutan to family and friends and they should not visit without first engaging Breathe Bhutan.
Candice Seiger
Candice Seiger
October 22, 2022.
Excellent service, communication, and adventures. Our experience with Breathe Bhutan spanned over 2.5 years. From the original planning and booking to the pandemic delay to the actual trip, the Breathe Bhutan team offered ideas and kept us updated on options. Our trip itself was made special by Kinley (owner), Sonam (guide), and Dorji (driver). All three gentlemen found moments to personalize our experience. We will always remember the music at Mojo Park in Thimphu, assisting with accommodations for food allergies/restrictions, and the hilariously muddy hike to Bumdra and Tigers Nest. We are looking forward to returning to Bhutan and working with Breathe Bhutan again.
Cédric Müller
Cédric Müller
October 11, 2022.
I had a great time with Breath Bhutan. My first attempt to go and travel in Bhutan was on late march 2020. I had already paid everything to Breath Bhutan back then. Then Covid19 changed our lifes and it was not possible to travel anymore. Breath Bhutan sent me the prepaid money immediately back. We then stayed for a period over 2.5 years in touch. They then informed me even before it was official that bhutanese tourists concil will rise the eco fee to 200 USD a day. Breath Bhutan then processed my visa just before the new regulation so that I enjoyed the old price. My experience in the country itself with Thinley as my guide and Dorji as my driver was unique from the first second to the end. The hotels and activities were chosen carefully and were extremely nice. I had a very comfortable car and a great guide with a big knowledge about Bhutan. I would choose Breath Bhutan any time again and the same I recommend to other travellers who want to see the real authentic Bhutan
Gabby Cho
Gabby Cho
October 6, 2022.
I recently went to Bhutan and had the most amazing experience with Breathe Bhutan!! From the first inquiry I made, the team was nothing but kind and extremely helpful. I connected with Kinley who created the perfect itinerary with me and answered all my questions—their team is super communicative and you can tell they aim to curate the perfect experience for each traveler. I really appreciate how seamless Kinley made the process leading up to my arrival in Bhutan! Once arriving in Bhutan, I was greeted so warmly by my guide (Pasa) and driver (Dorji) who really made the experience a 1000/10. They were both friendly, fun to be around and I loved learning about Bhutan through both of them. They did an awesome job at catering the tour to my interests and making sure that I was well taken care of the entire time! My favorite part of the trip was the Bumdra Trek, which was challenging for me, but Pasa made me feel comfortable, went at my pace and carried all my things (!!), which was beyond kind! This hike was really rewarding and I was so happy I had such a supportive guide helping me through it. Overall, the kindness & hospitality of Kinley, Pasa and Dorji really made the trip remarkable for me; they are so welcoming and really make you feel like a friend who they are showing around their beautiful country. I really cannot say enough great things about my experience—every aspect of the trip from start to finish was special because of Breathe Bhutan. If you’re looking to visit Bhutan, Breathe Bhutan is the way to go! I am excited to visit again and will definitely be going with Breathe Bhutan once I do!
Bekki Abernethy
Bekki Abernethy
September 9, 2022.
Wow! Just amazing! I cannot say enough incredible things about my experience with Breathe Bhutan. From the initial inquiries with owner Kinley - who was incredibly responsive and created a bespoke itinerary which included everything I had requested, to my driver Wangdi and guide Sonam who greeted me at the airport with such kindness and good humour, the whole process of getting to Bhutan was made smooth and swift by Breathe Bhutan. My guide Sonam is incredibly knowledgeable on his country’s history, architecture, religion and topography and is also superb company. I felt blessed that he was my guide as it is clear that he is very skilled and has a great love for what he does and for the places he shows. Sonam really enhanced my whole Bhutan experience. My driver Wangdi is warm hearted and great company. He drives very safely and with great care, popping up with a snack or a drink bottle at the most opportune times! He accompanied me on the Tiger’s Nest hike and was kind enough to help ease my way by carrying my backpack. Kinley and his wife invited me to their home for a BBQ with their wonderful staff. It was a fantastic night to get to know some locals and have a taste of their culture. Kinley’s wife also kindly made my teddy bear travel companions traditional Bhutanese outfits, and this generous touch made my trip even better. Breathe Bhutan’s commitment to a tailor-made experience really shone with this gesture. Choose Breathe Bhutan – they will ensure you leave Bhutan with the best memories!
Jennifer B
Jennifer B
August 21, 2022.
Bhutan is open and Breath Bhutan knows how to get you there! The first week of August I managed to travel to Bhutan with the help of Breathe Bhutan, a woman-owned business. The country has started accepting tourists ahead of the Sept 23rd official open date, but most people don't realize it yet; I was not able to travel in September, so the owner called around and found out how she could get me the travel permit early under the new regulations. In fact, when I arrived, they told me I was one of the first tourists to visit since the shutdown over two years ago. Thanks to Breathe Bhutan I had a seamless, wonderful experience. They were professional, kind, welcoming, knowledgeable and fun. On very short notice, they figured out how to get my travel authorization and arranged a tour for me based on my interests and time frame, which was sadly too short. They worked hard to get my PCR test results back before the 24 hrs was up so that I could start my tour and see as much as possible. My guide Sonam was great! Always available, he kept me informed of everything, and answered all of my questions. Visiting the sites with him was phenomenal, he knew so much about the history of the temples and monasteries and the country. And he was always feeding me! So much good food in Bhutan. On the hike to the Tiger's Nest he was patient with my slow pace and even helped me carry my camera to make it easier for me. He really went above and beyond in everything. I was having trouble with a picture for an e-visa for my next destination and he brought me to a local photo studio with a white backdrop so that I could get the correct standards I needed. I just can't say enough about the service everyone from Breathe Bhutan provided. In Thimphu one of the owners of the company came to meet me and joined us for dinner and then invited me to a bar/club/venue for live music. Everyone was so attentive and made me feel welcomed like family. Right now is a great time to visit Bhutan while there are no tourists yet and Breathe Bhutan knows how to navigate the new travel protocols. They can help you with whatever you need, just reach out!

Bhutan: Happiness is a Place

Bhutan may not remain the same for long, so sometime soon is the best time to travel - Tim Nicolai

You cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan range, the kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only to few.

Why Breathe Bhutan?

Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan.

Be our guest, we will treat your holiday with passion and offer you our unwavering commitment to making your trip a memorable experience.

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Nick Chin, Singapore

I travel professionally, I spend at least two thirds of my year a guest in someone else’s country. I...

Harry Bishop, United Kingdom

Our eight day visit to Bhutan was quite simply one of the most magical and intriguing experiences of my...

Sarah & Imogene, New York

I can honestly and seriously say Bhutan is the most beautiful place on earth. Itinerary included 5 busy days...

Alexandra & Flordelis, Hawaii

It really was a pleasure and a gift to be there and explore your amazing country, the stunning and...

Gail Alyward (Yoga Teacher)

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We hosted the Bucket List Family in October 2018

Breathe Bhutan Adventures and Holidays (Bespoke Tours To Bhutan) is founded on the ideals of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, keeping in mind the expectations of travelers. We consider ourselves as a host in Bhutan and even open the doors to our homes to our guests. To make a visitor feel the pulse of Bhutan is our motto.

Regardless of their travel agent, every tourist that visit Bhutan usually see and do the same thing – depending on the duration of the tour and the season of visit. Breathe Bhutan not only cater to popular attractions and programs but we go out of our way to make sure that clients get a wholesome experience of Bhutan. Breathe Bhutan is constantly exploring new and out of the box activities and experiences.

We are a small family owned travel company and that’s how we intend to keep it, so as to give the best of personal attention to every guest of ours. Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan. We will treat your holiday with passion. You will be remembered, and we will make sure that you never forget us and your travel experience in Bhutan.

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