Stewart Given
Stewart Given
May 17, 2024.
If I could add a sixth star for Breathe Bhutan, I would. Our tour with Breathe Bhutan was quite possibly one of the best we have ever had. What a remarkable country. Being in Bhutan for 16 days, we were able to see a good portion of the country (probably more than most) - even getting to Haa, an area that apparently gets few tourists. From the moment we were picked up at the Paro airport by Pelden (guide) and Asha Wangdi (driver), we were treated to the best of Bhutan's hospitality. Pelden catered to all our needs. His knowledge of the different areas, cultures and history is amazing and he patiently put up with our incessant questions. The hotels and hikes arranged by Jigme and Kinley were special. The homestay, heritage house and eco lodge were extraordinary as were the tough hikes and overnights at a monestary and camp. Kinley's hospitality with dinner at his home in Thimphu really added the personal touch. We've even discussed returning to Bhutan for the fall festivals. I would not hesitate to book that experience with Breathe Bhutan.
Philipp K
Philipp K
May 15, 2024.
5 stars for Sonam, Karma and the whole Bhutan experience. Kadinche la! Our journey through Bhutan was simply extraordinary! We were incredibly fortunate to have Sonam as our guide, whose profound knowledge of Buddhism enriched every moment. His warmth, calmness, humor, and beautiful welcome song set the perfect tone for our adventure. Karma, our safe driver, was not only skilled behind the wheel but also a delightful entertainer. We loved having them around! What truly made this tour exceptional was the bonding among us. Despite starting as strangers, we quickly formed a tight-knit group, sharing laughter, personal stories, and unforgettable moments. The drives and meals together were highlights in themselves (e.g. dinners at Gaselo and after the hot stone bath), fostering a deep sense of friendship. Bhutan itself is a gem of a country, with its friendly people, serene landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. From tranquil hikes to exploring Buddhist traditions, every experience left a lasting impression. Yet, it was the warmth and hospitality of the locals that truly made our stay memorable. While it's difficult to pinpoint specific highlights, the hike to Khamsum Chorten, with its breathtaking views, the awe-inspiring Taktsang monastery, and the first stay at Mendrelgang Heritage stand out. From the moment we set foot in Bhutan, we knew it was a place like no other. Without hesitation, we recommend Bhutan to all our friends seeking an enriching and unforgettable travel experience. We are absolutely certain that we'll return one day (e.g. to explore Laya village and other parts of the country). Thanks again to Sonam and Karma. Thank you also to the team in the office for the smooth planning. All the best from Germany, we will miss you - our chicken family ;) Monica and Philipp
Inga Wasels
Inga Wasels
May 14, 2024.
I travelled for 12 days with Breathe Bhutan and it was an amazing experience. The guides are very knowledgeable and experienced. I can highly recommend to travel with Breathe Bhutan.
Joscha Koepke
Joscha Koepke
May 14, 2024.
From the moment we started planning our trip to Bhutan with Breathe Bhutan, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Our guide, Kiran, and our driver, Namgay, were the heart and soul of our adventure. Both of them radiated positivity and had an incredible depth of knowledge about the local culture and geography that enriched our experience tremendously. Kiran's expertise shone brightly as he guided us through stunning, less-traveled paths and shared insights that you wouldn't find in any guidebook. Namgay's skillful driving and cheerful demeanor made long drives feel short and incredibly pleasant. Together, they made a fantastic team that ensured our journey was smooth and enjoyable. The hikes were absolutely beautiful, taking us through serene landscapes that seemed untouched by time. Kiran's pro tip to start early in our quest to see Tigers Nest made the experience even more magical, giving us a sense of having the majestic temples almost to ourselves in the quiet of the morning. The accommodations were equally impressive, especially our stay in Punakha. The hotel, with its own organic garden, was a highlight, providing fresh, delicious meals that were as healthy as they were flavorful. The attention to detail in every aspect of our stay did not go unnoticed. Breathe Bhutan’s team was also incredibly responsive, promptly answering any questions we had and adding thoughtful suggestions that enhanced our travel plans. Every recommendation they made was spot-on, ensuring we enjoyed the best experiences possible. In conclusion, if you're planning a trip to Bhutan, booking with Breathe Bhutan is a must. They not only promise a beautiful itinerary but deliver a personalized and heartwarming experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. A huge thank you to Kiran, Namgay, and the entire Breathe Bhutan team for an absolutely phenomenal journey!
Rachel Effros
Rachel Effros
May 12, 2024.
My 3 friends and I had a wonderful 2 week tour with our guide Pelden and driver Asha Wangdi. All of the details from the lodging and what we saw were carefully considered and well- chosen. We loved how thorough Pelden was with his explanations and he was always conscientious in ensuring we were comfortable and all of our needs were met. We really appreciated the dinner with the owner Kinley at his home. I also really enjoyed the farm home stay with Leki and glamping above the Tigers Nest Monastery. I highly recommend this company. My only advice for those booking is to make sure that you specify what extras you would like ahead of time; things like rafting, the hot stone bath and horseback riding have to be pre-arranged and seem to be hard to set up at the last moment.
Nithish Abraham
Nithish Abraham
May 11, 2024.
Booking a 7 day, 6 night tour with Breathe Bhutan was one of the best decisions we've made. We were greeted by Kinzang (our guide) and Kuenga (our driver) at the airport. Kinzang was very knowledgeable about Bhutan and was very patient with all of our questions. She was also very accommodating to our itinerary change requests to what we wanted to see in Bhutan. Kuenga was a very safe driver, he got us promptly from place to place, and helped load our luggage. In addition, he was also very knowledgeable about Bhutan and he showed us how to play archery. Overall, our expectations with Breathe Bhutan was exceeded and we can't wait to come back!
Desta Raines
Desta Raines
May 11, 2024.
With friends we booked a two week tour with Breathe Bhutan that was a wonderful mix of culture and hiking. We were fortunate to be paired with an incredible guide, Pelden, and driver Wangzi. Pelden took care of every single detail with such precision it made our experience effortless day in and day out. As a vegan, it meant an extra level of vigilance at every meal which I also truly appreciated. Our accommodation throughout the trip was outstanding. We did everything from three star resorts to an eco lodge to staying at a monastery and glamping too. We also loved the opportunity to meet Kinley, Jigme and the team behind Breathe Bhutan when we were in Thimpu. Even when I realized too late (while attempting to check in at the airport) I needed a visa to transit in India, the team at Breathe Bhutan worked to rebook me via Bangkok and helped me to redo my tickets. Their payment system by bank transfer makes booking easy too. This mishap was a learning experience for me and the company (I was the first guest ever to make this mistake 😊) and is something to be aware of for others, making Bangkok the better, easier option for traveling to Bhutan from the US. If/when I will have the chance to return to Bhutan I would definitely recommend Breathe Bhutan and would focus on nature and hiking more and less on visiting religious sites and towns. What makes Bhutan truly special is the people and the nature.
Eva Kozacikova
Eva Kozacikova
May 9, 2024.
We recently had the most incredible trip with Breathe Bhutan, exploring the wonders of Bhutan. Our journey was nothing short of magical, filled with visits to serene monasteries, luxurious accommodations, unique travel experiences, personalized T-shirt making, and unforgettable moments like our visit to Tiger Hill followed by a relaxing hot stone bath. Throughout the trip, the attention to detail was superb, ensuring that every aspect of our journey was well taken care of. The food was exquisite, offering us a taste of Bhutanese flavors that delighted our taste buds. The people we encountered were truly exceptional, their warmth and hospitality making us feel at home in this beautiful country. Sonam, our guide, was absolutely amazing. He did all he could to make us happy, and you cannot wish for more than to be in such great hands. He was caring and met our expectations to high standards. The same can be said about our beautiful driver, Tamsin.. In just a few days, we were able to witness the diverse beauty of Bhutan, thanks to the well-crafted itinerary by Breathe Bhutan. This experience exceeded our expectations, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to explore and discover the hidden gems of Bhutan in the best possible way. Thank you, Breathe Bhutan, for an unforgettable journey that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.🙏
Yeeling Lim
Yeeling Lim
May 9, 2024.
Bhutan is the perfect destination for a quick escape from the city life. Based on the glowing recommendation of a friend, we chosen to book a tour with Breathebhutan, and we were so glad we did! From the moment we contacted them, their team was incredibly helpful and accomodating, tailoring the trip to our interests and preferences perfectly. Communication was prompt and efficient throughout the booking process. Upon arrival in Bhutan, we were greeted by our friendly guide, Mr Sonam, and driver, Mr Karma. They made our arrival in Bhutan truly special with a simple yet heartfelt welcome ceremony at the airport and also Mr Sonam’s welcome song left us a deep impression. Mr Sonam proved to be an exceptional guide throughout the duration of the tour. Not only did he lead us through breathtaking landscapes with ease and expertise, but he also went above and beyond by helping us carry our bags during the trek. His deep knowledge of Bhutanese history and culture enriched our experience, and his warm personality with a good sense of humor made every moment enjoyable. Our driver, Mr Karma was fantastic as well. Not only did he nagivate the roads with skill and safety, but he also went out of his way to ensure our comfort to making sure we were never hungry throughout our journey. The accomodations arranged by Breathebhutan were nothing short of exceptional. From boutique hotels nestled in the lush valleys to cozy homestay overlooking majestic mountain vistas, each property exuded charm and hospitality, offering a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration. Overall, Breathebhutan exceeded all expectations, we highly recommend them to anyone seeking a tailored and an unforgettable travel experience.
Nathalie Shen-Picotte
Nathalie Shen-Picotte
May 6, 2024.
We had a great experience with Breathe Bhutan! From the booking to the end of the tour everything went very smoothly. Our guide Nima went above and beyond to plan a very special birthday for my fiancé. Overall super enjoyable experience - would recommend. Bhutan is a beautiful country!

Bhutan: Happiness is a Place

Bhutan may not remain the same for long, so sometime soon is the best time to travel - Tim Nicolai

You cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan range, the kingdom of Bhutan has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only to few.

Why Breathe Bhutan?

Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan.

Be our guest, we will treat your holiday with passion and offer you our unwavering commitment to making your trip a memorable experience.

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Breathe Bhutan Adventures and Holidays (Bespoke Tours To Bhutan) is founded on the ideals of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, keeping in mind the expectations of travelers. We consider ourselves as a host in Bhutan and even open the doors to our homes to our guests. To make a visitor feel the pulse of Bhutan is our motto.

Regardless of their travel agent, every tourist that visit Bhutan usually see and do the same thing – depending on the duration of the tour and the season of visit. Breathe Bhutan not only cater to popular attractions and programs but we go out of our way to make sure that clients get a wholesome experience of Bhutan. Breathe Bhutan is constantly exploring new and out of the box activities and experiences.

We are a small family owned travel company and that’s how we intend to keep it, so as to give the best of personal attention to every guest of ours. Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

There are thousands of licensed Bhutanese tour operators to choose from. Some handle more than 10,000 tourists a year and some don’t even get a single client. If it is not your cup of tea to be one of those ten thousand tourists, whom are merely a business commodity and are forgotten right after their departure from Bhutan, get in touch with Breathe Bhutan. We will treat your holiday with passion. You will be remembered, and we will make sure that you never forget us and your travel experience in Bhutan.

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