Important Things To Know Before Flying To Bhutan

  1. Seats on Drukair and Bhutan Airlines are not assigned while purchasing the air ticket. If you want get a good view of the Himalayas while flying to Bhutan, request for a window seat on the left side of the air craft while checking in your baggage; that is the time when they issue the boarding pass. If you are flying Drukair, while flying out of Bhutan (only while flying out of Bhutan), you have the option to visit the airline’s website and check in and assign yourself a seat.
  2. Always carry a copy of the visa and e-ticket while entering the airport.
  3. Be mindful when you visit Thangka (art) shops and studios. We have come across art shops that display an artist painting a half finished Thangka and sell works that has been mass produced in Nepal. A little touch up is done on the screen printed canvas to make it look like a real painting.
  4. Be careful of what you buy at the handicrafts and souvenir stores. There are shops that sell Tibetan crafts which are mass produced in Delhi.