They say we pack our fears when we travel and thus we pack different and each are creatures of comfort. But the rule of thumb on trips like these is to keep it to the essentials and be organized. Less things to pack in the morning means, being swift and at ease which translates to a few more cups of coffee while enjoying the morning sun.

This list is an elaborate one, we recommend you to pick only the items that you feel is essential; considering the number of days on the trek.

Technical Clothing:
1. Down parka
2. Warm fleece jacket
3. Comfortable trekking boot (we like lowa)
4. Lightweight shoes
5. Rain gears
6. 4 pair trekking socks
7. 2 long sleeve capilene shirts
8. 2 capilene bottoms (mid & heavy weight)
9. 2 trekking shirts (non-cotton is best!)
10. Trekking pants (zip off shorts are nice)
11. 1 pair shorts
12. 1 bandana
13. Warm gloves
14. Flip flop (or similar camp shoes)
15. Warm hat Sun hat 2 pair sunglasses

1. Small daypack
Waterproof duffel for gear
Warm sleeping bag (negative 8-10 degree celcius)
Trekking poles
Mud guard
Headlamp and a normal torch
Camera and extra batteries
Earplugs 2-liter water bottle (if camelback, bring also a nalgene)
Insulated drinking mug
Small towel
Rain gears
Various size plastic bags to keep gear dry and separate

1. Anti bacterial hand gel for disinfecting hands
2. Medical kit
3. Lightweight toilet articles (shampoo, soap-travel size)
4. Sunscreen, lip screen and insect repellent
5. Water purification tablets (iodine or chlorine)
6. High calorie snacks and energy bars
7. Prescription medications
8. Some books to read at camp

The following equipment are provided by us:
1. Sleeping tent
2. Dinning tent
3. Kitchen tent
4. Toilet tent
5. Inflatable air mats or mattresses
6. Carpets
7. Hot water bags
8. Table and chairs
9. Sleeping bag liners and blankets
10. Pillows
12. Duffle bags
13. Gamow bag or PAC

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