Festivals in Bhutan are called Tshechus. The term ‘Tshechu’ literally translates to the 10th day of the Bhutanese calendar, which is considered auspicious. During tshechus, monks and laymen alike perform religious masked dances. Besides the religious songs and dances, there are atsaras (clowns) who usually wear masks with big red noses. To most, atsaras are the soul of the Tshechus. They are the ones who maintain order by injecting humor into the festival.

Tshechus all across the country are colorful events where people dressed in their best attires, donning exquisite jewelry, socialize, and make merry. More importantly, people go to Tshechus to receive blessings and gain merits. Traditionally, festivals in Bhutan were a place for locals from different village come together and socialize. For visitors, Tshechus provides one of the best venues to capture local people on photographs.

Here are the PDF copies of the festivals dates for 2023: Bhutan Festival Dates For 2023

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