Tour cancellation charges will be based on this notification circulated by the Tourism Council Of Bhutan (Government) to the registered Tour Operators of Bhutan. This notification supersedes the notification no. TCB/SD-FOREX/32/2019-2020/ dated 18/03/20 on the same subject.

The Notification States The Following:

1. This is to inform that the whole tour cost including the visa fees received by the Tourism Council of Bhutan will be refunded. This will apply for tours canceled with effect from 1st January 2020 due to Coronavirus.

2. All tour operators are advised to follow the following process:

      i. Submit a signed application in hardcopy or scanned copy vide email to TCB with beneficiary banking details and the exact amount in USD to be refunded.

     ii. The application must include initial approved entry and exit dates, group name, and remittance copy of the initial payment made by tourists for their tour.

   iii. TCB will issue a letter advising the bank to refund the amount to their clients abroad.

   iv. The tour operator will follow-up with the bank for a refund and then submit the bank’s acknowledgment receipt to TCB.

3. Bank transfer charges and any administrative charges will be as per the Banks and the cancellation policy of the tour operator agreed with the overseas counterpart (tour agent/tourist). Such charges will be met from the refund amount.

4. At the same time, it is encouraged to postpone the trip upon the full consent of the overseas agent/tourist, in such a case the tour payment can be withheld with TCB until such time the trip materializes. For such cases, please inform TCB.

5. In case of complaints from the clients, the defaulter (Tour Operators) will be dealt as per the existing laws.

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