The Government of Bhutan is proposing a new tourism bill to the parliament for approval. As per the new bill the Sustainable Development Fee (or Royalty) will be increased from US$ 65 to US$ 200 per night per person. This means there will be an additional cost of US$135 per night per person. The current daily tariff of US$ 250 per night per person will be done away with and a travelers will now have to bare US$200 per night as royalty and pay additional for the actual travel cost; such as government approved hotels, transportation cost, guide fee and meals. This means that one will now have to pay a minimum of US$385 per night per person to experience Bhutan.

The bill was introduced to the parliament on the 20th June, 2022 and is currently being discussed.

The USD 65 rate has been untouched since 1991 and as per inflation (Bhutanese inflation rate) comes to more than USD 700 today, but the government opted to increase it to USD 200

Other Changes are:

1. There will not be discounts for long duration trips
2. Children between 12 years to 5 years will get a discount of 50% on the US$200 per night royalty and children below 5 years will get 100% discount on royalty

For travelers from India, Maldives and Bangladesh, they will be charged a royalty of Rs. 1200 per day per person.

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