Starting today, the 4th of July 2022, Bhutan is open for visitors with no mandatory quarantine. However, visitors needs to undergo testing and needs to stay in their hotel room until negative RT-PCR result is declared.

The parliament of Bhutan approved the new tourism bill and as per the new bill the Sustainable Development Fee (or Royalty) will be increased from US$ 65 to US$ 200 per night per person. This means a travelers will pay US$200 per night as royalty and pay additional for the actual travel cost; such as government approved hotels, transportation cost, guide fee and meals. The new rate will came into force on 20th June 2022.

Bookings and payments made prior to 20th June 2022 will be considered on the old Sustainable Development Fee of USD65 per night per person and a so a Minimum Daily Tariff of USD200 or USD250 per day, depending on the season of travel.

For visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, a Sustainable Development Fee of Nu. 1200 (USD15) per person per night.

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