Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is a 5+ star boutique luxury-resort and is the only well-being inclusive 5-star luxury property in Bhutan. Their charges range from USD 600 – USD 1200 per night (as of today) depending on single or double occupancy, the season of visit and the kind of room you choose. If you can afford it, all of our guest were very happy with their decision to have spent a night or two at the resort.

The Courtyard Of The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary offers Breathe Bhutan with a 150 – 200 dollar per night discount (depending on single or double occupancy). Moreover, the resort offer one night free of cost if you stay for two nights. It gives us great pleasure to pass such offers to our guests.

Room At The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary while in Paro.

  1. All meals, snacks, drinks (excl. alcohol), wellness, special activities and even laundry are included in the room rate.
  2. You get one night free of cost if you pay for two nights.
  3. Rooms are big, super luxurious and all rooms have spectacular views.
  4. Farm-to-table restaurant with bar and outdoor scenic terrace.
  5. Specialized in Bhutanese traditional medicine, with two in-house traditional medicine doctors acting as Well-Being Guides (included in the room rate).
  6. Yoga and Meditation classes (included in the room rate).
  7. State of the art Spa Facilities with traditional hot stone bath (included in the room rate).
  8. A culinary concept focused on creating unforgettable personalized food experiences (included in the room rate).
  9. Art studio with pottery classes to keep children engaged in a meaningful way (included in the room rate).
  10. Cooking classes from the chefs (included in the room rate)

All of the above facilities and services are included in the room rate and there will be no other hidden cost. You will only pay extra for alcoholic beverages.

Do check out their google listing for more pictures and guest reviews.

Traditional Hot Stone Bath