Nick Chin, Singapore

Jennifer-Lien-and-Group-in-Gaselo,-A-day-in-the-life-experienceNick Chin, Jennifer Lien & Haung with locals of Gaselo village in Wangduephodrang, a day in the life experience  

My wife and I wanted something different from a typical Bhutan tour, and Kinley went out off his way to make it happen. We requested a more local experience rather than the usual itineraries from other large agencies, so Kinley arranged for us to have new year’s dinner at his own home with friends and family, a tour of his ancestral village, and even a visit to a local dance club and a karaoke bar. Besides the many historic temples and archery competitions, we were lucky to see the King and Queen mother, and even got blessed by the head abbott as we happened to be at the Buddha Dordenma Status while we were there sightseeing. We really felt like we had a unique Bhutan experience all thanks to Kinley and Breathe Bhutan.

                                                                                                                                                   – Nick Chin & Jennifer Lien