Keelin Jane, USA

Keelin Jane for Breathe Bhutan

Kinley went above and beyond to make every part of my trip enjoyable from the visa application process to the last day of my trip.  This was my second time in Bhutan and I was amazed to find that Breathe Bhutan was able to organize my trip in just a few days whereas my first trip it took several months for me to receive my visa. Kinley answered all of my questions and gave me helpful tips for things to do during my stay. He even went out of his way and spent an entire day driving me back and forth from the Indian Consulate to help me sort out my Indian visa – asking nothing in return but simply doing it because he wanted to help…this Bhutanese kindness and generosity is something you rarely find elsewhere and is one of the things that makes Bhutan such a special place. Thank you Kinley and Breathe Bhutan for making my trip memorable! I will surely be back!

– Keelin Jane, USA. (