Jenepher & Family

Traveler’s Review Of Breathe Bhutan:

I travelled to Bhutan in June as a family of 3. My initial enquires were answered quickly and thoroughly. I needed to call whilst in the bank making payment for the holiday and Kinley sorted this out over the phone. As a seasoned independent traveller, I did a lot of research into what areas, attraction and activities I would like to experience. I cannot speak highly enough of Tshewang who worked very hard to accommodate all my requests and made several suggestions one of which meant we were able to attend a local festival (a trip highlight) with a minor adjustment in our itinerary. All our accommodation was good, and I liked that we were able to eat at local restaurants as many other tour companies only offer meals at hotels. The two drivers that we had during our trip were beyond excellent. They were pleasant, their cars well cared for and their driving skills were exceptional.

Being a small independent company allowed for flexibility in our trip, we even fitted in a soccer match when we expressed interest. Breathe Bhutan provided us with a unique experience by taking us to the village Kinley and Tshewang are from, where we were welcomed into Tshewang’s home to share a meal with his family and take a walk around the very small village of 20 people.

I would not hesitate in recommending Breathe Bhutan to others who are thinking of going to Bhutan.

– Jenepher Walker