Alexandra & Flordelis, Hawaii

I can honestly and seriously say Bhutan is the most beautiful place on earth. Itinerary included 5 busy days which included festivals, village visits and lunch with guide’s and driver’s relatives and family, hiking to mountain top temples as well as township’s temples in Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha. The most challenging was Tiger’s Nest. I couldn’t reach the Tiger’s temple but my sister, Flordelis Oania did. The valleys’ views from all hotel rooms were breath-taking; the morning mist cleared by about 9 while sipping tea. After a night’s rest and breakfast Loday picked us up and off we went to another city, temples, valleys and rivers–rivers so clear we could see the river bed and pebbles under its waters, more buffet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Shopping was exciting–I’m textile crazy. I bought a few pieces at reasonable prices. Five-days–no worries, just basking in clean air, sightseeing, and eating. I hope I can do the other side (north east side) within the next 2-3 years. I saw the Himmalayas and Mt. Everest while flying to Nepal. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see all these beautiful famous places and friendly people; I had a feeling the King really looks after his people. Now I’m back home and can’t seem to get Bhutan out of my mind.

– Alexandra Oania & Flordelis Oania
Alexandra and Flordelis traveled Bhutan from 25th September 2017 to the 30th September 2017